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New Books for Cooks!

Today’s Special: Freshly published cookbooks!

Stop by the Ridley High School Library anytime to browse and borrow one of these brand new books for cooks, which also happen to be perfect for maintaining your New Year’s Resolutions! There’s something here for every taste and kitchen comfort level, from family-friendly feasts to more elegant menus for entertaining. Check one out today!

  • Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains by Tieghan Gerard
  • Kids Cook!: 100+ Super-Easy, Delicious Recipes from Good Housekeeping
  • Sheet Pan Cooking: 70 Easy Recipes from Good Housekeeping
  • The Summer Table: Recipes and Menus for Casual Outdoor Entertaining by Lisa Lemke
  • The Winter Table: Fireside Feasts for Family and Friends by Lisa Lemke
  • Power Bowls: 100 Perfectly Balanced Meals in a Bowl by Christal Sczebel
  • The Grand Central Market Cookbook: Cuisine and Culture from Downtown Los Angeles by Adele Yellin and Kevin West


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One Pan & Done!

One Pan & Done: Hassle-Free Meals from the Oven to Your Table by Molly Gilbert has just been served up in the Ridley High School Library! onepandone

Molly is the author of the ultra-popular Sheet Pan Suppers, and she’s back with more recipes that are big on flavor, but simple on steps! With this collection, her goals are ease, simplicity, and minimal dish pileup. One Pan & Done offers the best of all worlds: the flavorful, roasted goodness of sheet pan suppers plus the appeal of comfort foods like stews and casseroles. An introduction called “The One Pan 411” includes a helpful primer on pots and pans (complete with icons that appear throughout the book) and some “pantry talk” on how to stock a kitchen cabinet for success.

Chapters cover the essential cookbook categories: Breakfast and Brunch, Starters and Sides, Veggie Mains, Poultry, Fish, Meat, and Sweets. Numbered, step-by-step instructions walk you through each recipe. Helpful How-To’s are sprinkled throughout, providing tips on how to crack an egg cleanly, how to work with coconut milk, how to clean leeks, and more. Beautiful, full-page photographs accompany nearly every recipe, and they are just the motivation you’ll need to give these one-pan dishes a go! As always, a handful of recipes are especially eye-catching:

  • Herby Egg & Blue Cheese Soufflés
  • Radish & Ricotta Frittata
  • Fresh Berry Cornmeal Muffins
  • Crispy Tomato and Butter Bean Skillet
  • Roasted Shrimp & Chickpea Salad
  • Blackberry Oat Crisp

soufflesOne Pan & Done is available to check out today in the Ridley High School Library! Thanks to Blogging for Books for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review!

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Please Pass the Veggies!

Look what just sprouted in the Ridley High School Library’s cookbook section! Martha Stewart’s Vegetables: Inspired Recipes and Tips for Choosing, Cooking, and Enjoying the Freshest Seasonal Flavors is the latest addition to our amazing collection of books for cooks.Vegetables.jpgThe editors of Martha Stewart Living have developed these recipes to help you prepare vegetables in sweet, savory, and generally delicious ways. The veggies themselves range from familiar to totally unknown. (What is a ramp, anyway?) To help guide readers along, the edible plants in this lavishly photographed collection have been divided into categories that double as chapters: bulbs, roots, tubers, pods, shoots, leaves, flowers, and even “fruits” (avocados, eggplant, and tomatoes). Each chapter covers the basics of seasonality, selection, notable varieties, storing, prepping, and cooking. This brief introduction is followed by a dozen or so recipes that run the gamut from simple to showstopper! As always, there’s a long list that I can’t wait to try, including:

  • Beet Risotto with Beet Greens
  • Yukon Gold and Sweet Potatoes Anna
  • Skillet Pizza with Greens and Eggplant
  • Spinach and Fontina Strata
  • Smoky Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Martha Stewart’s Vegetables is available to be checked out today! Thank you to Blogging for Books for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

P.S. Not to worry if you prefer more protein on your plate; plenty of these recipes feature beef, pork, chicken, or fish in a starring role.

P.P.S. A ramp is a wild onion.

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Rad Women Worldwide!

Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History by Kate Schatz has just arrived at the Ridley High School Library! The book’s forty mini-biographies, which represent all seven continents, describe the lives and accomplishments of truly radical women in lively, conversational profiles. Each chapter is accompanied by an iconic papercut portrait, created by illustrator Miriam Klein Stahl using paper, pencil, and an X-Acto knife.
radwomenCheck out the map on the book’s front endpapers to orient yourself to this journey through time and around the world:radwomenmapThen page through Rad Women Worldwide to learn more about contemporary women such as Malala Yousafzai, Venus and Serena Williams, and primatologist Biruté Mary Galdikas. Read up on Enheduanna (the world’s oldest known author), Hypatia (the first known female mathematician and scientist), Queen Lil’uokalani of Hawaii, and so many more. No matter what country or century they’re from, these women are passionate, purposeful, and powerful. Be sure to stick around for “The Stateless” on pages 94-95, a poetic ode to the world’s 60 million displaced people (almost 80% of whom are women and children).

One small complaint: if the map and Table of Contents included keywords such as Educator, Environmentalist, or Musician next to each woman’s name, Rad Women Worldwide would be even more accessible to browsers and researchers. Nonetheless, it will inspire you to read more, to learn more, and to be a little bit more rad! It’s a natural companion read to Schatz and Stahl’s 2015 collection Rad American Women A-Z, as well as Rachel Swaby’s Headstrong.

Thank you to Blogging for Books for providing a copy of Rad Women Worldwide in exchange for an honest review!

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Photographs from the Edge

Photographs from the Edge: A Master Photographer’s Insights on Capturing an Extraordinary World by Art Wolfe (with Rob Sheppard) has just appeared on the horizon at the Ridley High School Library! Photographs.jpgFollowing a preface by co-author Rob Sheppard and an introduction by Art Wolfe, the book is broken out into four main sections: the 1980s, the 1990s, the 2000s, and the 2010s. Each section incorporates Wolfe’s best photographs from that time period, with a detailed explanatory essay as well as “The nature of the photo” and “Photo tip” sidebars accompanying each image. Photographs from the Edge is so much more than a collection of beautiful photographs; it’s a travelogue, how-to guide, history lesson, and career blueprint all in one stunning book. As you turn each page, you will discover a window to some of the true wonders of the world. Wolfe’s photographs will transport you visually, geographically, and culturally to places you have (probably) never been or even heard of!

Having recently seen the movie Everest, I was especially fascinated by Art Wolfe’s breathtaking images of mountain ranges around the globe, from Alaska to Ecuador to Nepal. His wildlife photographs are also mesmerizing. What will be your favorite photograph? Open the book to discover it today!everestThanks to Blogging for Books for providing a copy of Photographs from the Edge in exchange for an honest review!

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College Rules! (because I LOVE a solid subtitle!)

It’s true … I love a solid subtitle! So I was delighted to receive the latest from Blogging for Books (in exchange for an honest review): College Rules!: How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in College, 4th Edition, by Sherrie Nist-Olejnik and Jodi Patrick Holschuh.


College Rules! is a straight-talk guide that’s packed with information, tips, real-life examples, and cautionary tales to help you have the best possible college experience. As the authors state in their Introduction, their aim is to provide rules “for studying and learning that will help you be both efficient and effective in achieving academic success in college” (3). For example, they suggest updating your phone with contact information for the Health Center, Tutoring Center, Campus Tech Support, Financial Aid Office, and each of your professors before finding yourself in a last-minute emergency.

If you’re interested in the topic but not convinced you want to read College Rules! from cover to cover, think about your own strengths and weaknesses and choose a couple of chapters accordingly. Do you tend to run out of time before completing everything on your to-do list? Check out Chapter 7: Timely Tips, which focuses on time management. Do you feel like your course syllabus is basically scrap paper waiting to happen? Chapter 14: Your Course Syllabus Is Your Friend is your must-read. And if the thought of taking a final exam brings on crippling anxiety, Chapters 22 and 23 (on prepping for and taking different kinds of exams) are calling your name.

Because this is a new edition of a previously published book, there are some changes and additions. The new sidebar feature, “App 4 That,” spotlights apps and online tools that can help you become a more successful student.  Also freshly updated is Chapter 6: Learning 2.0, which covers Classroom (N)Etiquette, Classrooms Without Walls, and more.

One last tip: College Rules! will help you succeed at Ridley High School, too, and it’s available now in the library!

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This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth?

If there’s one thing I love in a nonfiction book, it’s a descriptive subtitle! Really! So I was delighted to receive the latest from Blogging for Books (in exchange for an honest review):

This Is What You Just Put in Your Mouth?: From Eggnog to Beef Jerky, the Surprising Secrets of What’s Inside Everyday Products by Patrick Di Justo.

ThisIsWhatThis interesting, eye-opening, and sometimes alarming book is based on‘s popular column, “What’s Inside?” Di Justo isn’t going for the gross-out here, or looking to tear down any particular snack or product. He approaches each item, and its different ingredients, with “nothing but curiosity and a desire to have that curiosity satisfied.” The book has two sections:

  • This Is What You Put In Your Mouth
  • This Is What You Don’t Put In Your Mouth

I found his discussions of “healthy” items like Power Bars and Vita Coco Coconut Water especially interesting, as well as things we use every day like Axe Deodorant, Red Bull, and gasoline. This book is a perfect choice whether you read it cover-to-cover or just browse through a handful of chapters. It’s a conversational, entertaining tour of those hard-to-pronounce ingredients, where they come from, and what they do. Check it out TODAY in the high school library!