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Something New in the Graphic Novel Section!

In The Drawing Lesson, a boy named David meets an artist named Becky in the park as she sketches the scene before her. She grudgingly agrees to give him a quick lesson on drawing what he sees, comparing his version to the real thing, and making his sketch more accurate. The chapter concludes with an assignment for the reader: “Now it’s your turn. Find a simple object in your home and try to draw it.”

As David bumps into (and seeks out) Becky again and again, she walks him through the finer points of shading, understanding light and shadow, using negative space, checking proportions, and creating a composition. I especially love how these chapters are represented through comics panels in the Table of Contents:

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In his Introduction to The Drawing Lesson, Mark Crilley explains that the book’s goal is to give “some sense of what it’s like to meet a drawing expert and to have a series of lessons at his or her side.” Readers will absolutely gain a better understanding of drawing techniques through this fun and engaging narrative, particularly if they complete each chapter’s “assignment.” I did question the wisdom of David’s striking up a friendship with a stranger in the park, but in the safe world of this graphic novel the only danger is that he might catch Becky in a grouchy mood. A sweet Epilogue ties everything together with an adult David offering a drawing lesson to a boy who admires his work.Drawing Lesson.jpgThe Drawing Lesson will be available soon in the Ridley High School Library’s graphic novel section. Thank you to Blogging for Books for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review!

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New Graphic Novel Section!

The library has a new graphic novel section! Before, the graphic novels were mixed in with the fiction and nonfiction. That made it a lot harder to browse them and choose one to read. Now, there is a special section devoted to graphic novels that collects them all in one place!Don’t worry that the shelves look a little sparse; more graphic novels will be on the way soon. So if you are a graphic novel fan, or if you’ve been thinking about trying them out, check out this section to see what’s available!