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It’s Tuesday! Time to Read a New Release!

New releases available today in the Ridley High School Library!!

  • Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray
    Noemi Vidal is a teen soldier from the planet Genesis, a colony of Earth that’s now at war for its independence. After a surprise attack, Noemi finds herself stranded in space on an abandoned ship where she meets Abel, a sophisticated mech prototype who should be her enemy. Together they embark on a daring voyage through the galaxy. Before long, Noemi begins to realize Abel may be more than a machine. Meanwhile, Abel’s devotion to Noemi is no longer just a matter of programming.
  • Nemesis by Brendan Reichs
    Every two years, on Min’s birthday, a strange man finds her and murders her in cold blood. But hours later, she wakes up in a clearing just outside her tiny Idaho hometown, alone and unhurt. Across the valley, Noah just wants to be like everyone else, but nightmares of murder and death plague him. The planet, though, has a bigger problem. An enormous asteroid called The Anvil threatens all life on Earth, and Min has had enough. She vows to discover what is happening and uncovers a lifetime of lies: a vast conspiracy involving the sixty-four students of her sophomore class, one that may be even more sinister than the murders.
  • Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr
    Gem has never known what it is to have security or adults she can truly rely on. The one constant in her life has been Dixie; Gem grew up taking care of her sister when no one else could. Even as Gem and Dixie have grown apart, they’ve always had each other. When their dad returns home for the first time in years and tries to insert himself back into their lives, Gem finds herself with an unexpected opportunity. But a short road trip soon becomes something more, as Gem discovers that that to save herself, she may have to sever the one bond she’s tried so hard to keep.

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