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Don’t Dread the Blank Page!

A teacher once told me that nothing is more intimidating than a blank page that’s just waiting to be filled with words. Whether you dread the blank page or genuinely look forward to filling it with your original ideas, writing sometimes feels like really hard work. Is there a way to make writing easier? Yes! With more writing, and by writing more. That’s where this new addition to the library, Q&A a Day for Writers: 365 Questions for Creative Writers, comes in. The daily prompts in this journal are designed to challenge you through quotes, questions, and thought experiments that will help you hone your writing skills and unlock the benefits of writing every day. Here are some of my favorite examples:

  • Use a handwriting sample to inspire a character sketch.
  • Spend a few moments writing about a book that inspires you.
  • Pick a place and describe the first snowfall of the year there.
  • Describe a memorable person you met just once and will likely never see again.
  • If you could leave a note for yourself to read this time next year, what would it say?
  • Allow yourself a fan fiction moment, and begin a sequel to a beloved book.
  • What’s your sign? Find today’s horoscope and write about how true or false it is.
  • Write about a possession that was prized by you and is now lost.
  • Describe in detail the most recent person you’ve met.
  • What are your top five goals for your writing in the coming months?

q_aforwritersThis lovely, inspiring, and definitely non-intimidating journal is available to peruse in the library today! But please leave the pages blank for the next student who decides to page through it. Q&A a Day for Writers would also make a perfect gift for any aspiring writer in your life. Thank you to Blogging for Books for providing a copy of Q&A a Day for Writers in exchange for honest feedback!


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