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Student Book Review! Miss Peregrine’s Home … by Ransom Riggs

Reviewed by Oluwafunto O., Grade 10

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a fiction book by Ransom Riggs. It’s about is about a boy named Jacob who always listened to his grandfather’s stories about living with peculiar children in a home run by Miss Peregrine. As he grows up, Jacob doubts the stories until he visits his dying grandfather and sees a creature that only he can see. His grandfather, Abraham, tells him to find a bird on the side of a old man’s grave on September 1940 and to tell everyone. No one believes Jacob, so his parents take him to a psychiatrist who suggests that he should go to Wales, the location of his grandfather’s children’s home. Jacob finds the home deserted, yet during his search he finds a mysterious girl and questions her. They go to a bog, and he realizes that the people are quite different. The patrons chase him. An invisible girl named  Emma Bloom, and an invisible boy named Millard Nullings, rescue Jacob and escape with him to Miss Peregrine’s children’s home. He also is introduced to other people, like Bronwyn Bruntley, who has amazing strength and Claire Densmore, who has a mouth that is at the back of her head, and Miss Peregrine, a Ymbryne. Ymbrynes live a time loop. I think that people who like mysteries or who are into supernatural books would like this novel because, one, the book has pictures that go with the story, and, two, the adventure is intriguing.  


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