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Student Book Review! Girl Underwater by Claire Kells

Reviewed by Asha S., Grade 10

The book Girl Underwater, by Claire Kells, is amazing fiction. The book is narrated by Avery Delacorte, and each chapter flips back between the present, and the past. In the story Avery is on her way home for the holidays after a swim meet. The whole time Avery feels uneasy, as if something is wrong and, before she knows it, she is sitting under her seat with an oxygen mask on as the plane is crashing. Her teammate, Colin, is beside  her trying to convince them both that they will live. When the plane crashes, almost everyone is dead. The only people alive are Avery, Colin, three little boys and a pregnant lady. Avery and Colin manage to get the survivors out and, before they know it, they are standing on the sand watching their belongings and the 204 people left in the plane sinking into the bottom of the lake. The novel flips back and forth between Avery trying to survive in the wild with Colin and the three little boys, and the present when she gets home. Girl Underwater is a remarkable book about love, survival, and coping with being different from everyone else. Even though some of the chapters in the “present” were a little slow paced, the book was brilliant and definitely a great way to show the struggle of being stranded in a blizzard in the mountains after a plane crash. I would say Girl Underwater is a must read.


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