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Student Book Review! Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams

Reviewed by Kailee B., Grade 10

ruthlessRuthless, by Carolyn Lee Adams, is a young adult thriller with many suspenseful moments that happen throughout the book. The story is told in first person, with flashbacks to Ruth and her kidnapper’s past life. Ruth was a champion horse rider, who did not let anyone get in her way; some people even called her ruthless. One day, she wakes up in a bed of a truck, with no memory of how she has gotten there. Realizing she had been kidnapped by a strange man, who particularly goes for aggressive redheads, Ruth decides she is not going to be another one of his victims. Being a strong character, Ruth fights her way home, facing complex challenges ranging from being severely injured, to fighting off her kidnapper to stay alive. Altogether this book was beyond remarkable, in my opinion, and could not have gotten any more interesting. Originally, looking at the book, I thought it would have been another dreadful, cheesy book based on the cover, but, impressively, it was not anything like I thought it would be. The description of  how Ruth felt, and how the story setting was described, made if feel as if I was the character myself. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone, of any age, who is really into suspenseful, thrilling books.


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