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Student Book Review! The Rest of Us … by Patrick Ness

Reviewed by Jackie K., Grade 11

The Rest of us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness is a great novel for anyone seeking humor, adventure, and originality. Mikey, the protagonist, will draw you in from the very beginning with his ironic sense of humor and his unique set of friends. In their last year of high school, Mikey, Henna, Melinda, and Jared will struggle with family issues, mental illness and choosing prom dates. These relatable characters will have you questioning what’s next until the very end. This novel is true to the heart, and will continue to be genuine for a long time. I think The Rest of us Just Live Here would have been suitable without the paranormal facet, but it did add an ageless aspect to the story. Though the author could have elaborated more on the “Indie Kids” prospect of the novel, Ness displayed the protagonists in a way no author has done before: ordinary. Patrick Ness showed that you only need to save your own story to be viewed as the hero. Anyone who is feeling exceedingly ordinary will love this novel, because Mikey proves that being an average person does not mean you have to be dull. Ness even states, “Sometimes you have to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.”


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