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Student Book Review! To All the Boys … by Jenny Han

Reviewed by Nicole H., Grade 12

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a story of about a girl named Lara Jean Covey, who lives a relatively normal life. She has had plenty of innocent crushes on boys, but never actually tells them how she feels. Instead she writes them each a letter about how she feels, she seals them all up, and puts them all in her teal hatbox. She never intended for the boys to ever read her letters, but Lara Jean comes home one day to find them all missing and realizes that they were all mailed out. Her love life goes from imaginary to completely out of control. One of the letters that she wrote was to her next door neighbor Josh, who coincidentally is her sister’s ex-boyfriend. In a desperate attempt to convince Josh that she is over her crush, she asks her old friend Peter, who also received a letter, to be her “pretend boyfriend”. To make the situation worse, her older sister Margot just moved to Scotland for college and now Lara Jean has to step up to help care for her younger sister Kitty. Her father works strange hours in a hospital, and her mother passed away six years ago so this is a huge responsibility that has fallen onto her shoulders. This book is a light-hearted romance that will pull at your heartstrings and keep you turning the page. Readers will be fascinated by Lara Jean and Peter’s complicated relationship. Will she go after Josh even though that is her sister’s ex, or will she realize that Peter is the only one for her? This relatable story about a girl struggling with love will take the reader through unexpected twists and turns, but will make you remember it all even after the final page turn.


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