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Student Book Review! Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina

Reviewed by La’Shell R., Grade 10

Burn Baby Burn is a fiction book by Meg Medina; it is told in through a first person point of view. Burn Baby Burn focuses on a girl named Nora who lives in New York during the summer of 1977, the disco era. Her life is quite complicated with her brother being hooked on drugs and her teachers pushing her to go to college. Her mother struggles to keep money coming into the house but as she is laid off and  it becomes much harder for the  family to pay bills. The relationship with Nora’s dad is very complicated since he left when she was little; they only talk when her mom needs help paying bills. Also the summer of 1977 was a very complex summer; there were many burglaries, arsons, and a serial killer on the loose. Couples and girls with brown hair are in danger of the man who calls himself The Son of Sam. This is a remarkable book, and the way Meg writes it is amazing. I would definitely suggest this book if you like a mystery/ historical fiction book. The love interest is kind of cheesy and typical, but the story will have you at the end of your seat and, sometimes, will give you a good laugh. I like how the book is based off of what happen during the summer of 1977 and how it will go down as New York’s worst summer ever. If you watched the Netflix series The Get Down,  you will definitely like this book since they both have the same plot. So next time you’re looking for a good book to read go pick up Burn Baby Burn because you will not regret it.


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