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Student Book Review! Black-Eyed Suzie by Susan Shaw

Reviewed by Trish F., Grade 9blackeyed

The book I’m reviewing is Black-Eyed Suzie by Susan Shaw. This book was really well written it felt like you were in that moment with 12 year old Suzie, while she is going through a ridiculous amount of struggles. The way Susan  Shaw wrote and detailed this book and the life of this girl was remarkable; It was a hard one to put down. Every time you turned a page, there was a new struggle for poor Suzie. She’s a twelve year old girl who is trapped in a ‘box’, not physically but mentally. She doesn’t talk, walk or even eat. She sits with her knees to her chest. Her mother calls Susie’s ‘box’ a phase , while the rest of Susie’s family is worried about her and her mental state . One day her uncle takes Suzie to a mental clinic and doesn’t explain to her what’s going on so she’s scared and confused. This book helped me understand I wasn’t alone. It is one of my favorite reads, I definitely suggest picking this book up and reading it, maybe even sharing it with friends. Don’t forget the tissues!


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