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Student Book Review! Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Reviewed by Amber S., Grade 10stolen

Stolen, by Lucy Christopher, was an outstanding fiction novel. Falling in love with your kidnapper is not something you would expect yourself to ever do. In this novel Gemma, the main character, was standing alone in a coffee shop at the airport when she bumped into a nice gentleman ……. or so she thought. Minutes after having a coffee with this man, she awakens to find herself in a bed that is surely not hers. Stripped of her clothes and her memory, Gemma was not all that unhappy with being taken. Despite the feeling of being stranded in a desert like area with nobody to talk to but her kidnapper, Gemma strangely enjoyed being away from all the drama and family problems. This survival like plot takes a twist as the protagonist finds herself slowly falling in love with this man. Throughout the novel, I was very surprised to find myself not wanting to put this book down. Stolen is a way to wake up young girls and show them to always be aware of their surroundings and to avoid talking to strange people. I was not a big fan of this book at first, because I did not like the fact that the story was being narrated by Gemma herself in a letter form, the novel was, in fact, amazing, and I would most definitely recommend this book to everyone. Again, to say the least, Stolen was a heartwarming & heart racing book. I promise you that you will love this book and never want to put it down. I hope you found my review appealing and very helpful.


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