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Born to Be Awkward … So Painfully, Hilariously Awkward!

Mike Bender and Doug Chernak (the comedic team behind the painfully hilarious Awkward Family Photos) are bringing the awkward to a new stage of life: infancy. You know, the years when you don’t have a say in how your parents dress you or pose you for those baby pictures that will be part of your family’s history forever.

The photos are priceless, but it’s the authors’ cheeky captions that will have you in stitches. Don’t believe me?


Page through this book if you need a good laugh, or if you have been front and center in some terrifically awful baby pictures and feel some solidarity with these tykes. There’s even a special scrapbook section in the back of the book for celebrating those awkward childhood photos of your very own. Will this book change your life? Maybe not. Is it guaranteed to make you smile? YES! Thanks to Blogging for Books for providing a copy of Born to Be Awkward in exchange for an honest review!


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