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The Little Paris Bookshop is here!

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George has just landed among the New Arrivals at the Ridley High School Library!

The Little Paris BookshopMonsieur Jean Perdu is the owner of the Literary Apothecary, a bookshop aboard a barge on the River Seine in Paris. Perdu has the gift of transperception, the ability to see past a person’s camouflage to their dreams, worries, and emotional aliments. He prescribes books the way a doctor prescribes medicine: to cure what ails his customers and make them feel better. When a beautiful new neighbor discovers a letter from Perdu’s long lost love, old feelings threaten his safe but lonely little world. With two cats and one newly famous author for companions, Perdu pulls anchor and sets sail down the River Seine for a journey too long untraveled. This novel is a love letter to books, the French countryside, and love! While I wish that it had more crossover appeal for teen readers (and a good deal less navel-gazing), it’s a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for something to read over coffee and a croissant!

Don’t miss the amazing gallery of The Little Paris Bookshop‘s international covers on the author’s Web site! And thanks to Blogging for Books for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.


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