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Colors, Parachutes, Teens, and Dream Jobs!

The phrase “career planning” can strike fear into the heart of anyone, even if you’re a great student, a strong athlete, a genuine people-person, or any combination of the above. There are tons of career guides out there, but What Color Is Your Parachute has always been the gold standard, in part because it is so frequently updated. Now Carol Christen‘s What Color Is Your Parachute? For Teens, 3rd Edition, has arrived, hot off the press and kindly provided by Blogging for Books (in exchange for an honest review). ParachuteThe book is divided into three parts. Part One explores evaluating your favorite and best skills to determine your dream jobs. Part Two discusses making the most of your education and social media network to move you toward your goals. Part Three covers job searches, the interview process, and creating the kind of life you want to lead. This is not a dry, lecture-style book but an active, exercise-based read that will have you reaching for a pen and paper every few pages. The many Discovery Exercises will help you tap into what you truly love doing and translate it all into job possibilities. Parachute Tips and Reality Checks keep it real with excellent advice and directions to more resources. This book is here to help you answer the question, “How do I find work that I love?” and it’s available today in the Ridley High School Library!


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