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Digital Nature Photography

There are so many little-known treasures in the Ridley High School Library’s nonfiction section, and John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography is the latest, courtesy of Blogging for Books!

“Photography should be both a process of discovery and a procedure for recording that discovery.” — John Shaw

Digital Nature PhotographyThe book’s lusciously colorful cover represents the 250+ full-color photos in this book. There are images of animals,  landscapes, and natural wonders from all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Canada, Japan, Kenya, the United States, and so many more. Paging through this book just to look at all the photographs is a completely worthwhile way to spend an hour or two, and John Shaw also provides a ton of technical information and advice (more than this novice could even begin to process in one sitting). This is a book that you will want to come back to again and again as you become a more experienced photographer. I especially love Chapter 4: Composition; Shaw describes how to make “conscious, deliberate compositional decisions” that will engage the viewer’s mind and emotions. The author’s message in the Preface will guide you every step of the way: Don’t ask, “What is there to photograph?” A better question is, “What is there to discover?” John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography will inspire you to get outside and document the world around you in a way that is every bit as unique as you are!


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