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Love Our Library this Valentine’s Day!


This February and March, the Ridley High School Library is holding our very first Love Our Library fundraiser through Junior Library Guild! We are inviting students, parents, alumni, teachers, administrators, and community members to help fund great new books for our library. Every dollar donated will go directly to new books purchased through Junior Library Guild, which has an amazing selection of current, appealing, and award-winning books for young adult readers. These new books will keep our students excited about reading and keep them coming back for more! And this year, we are offering some incentives for our generous supporters:

  • A travel mug for a $10 donation
  • A tote bag for a $20 donation
  • A travel mug and a tote bag for a $25 donation!

We are so excited to kick off our Love Our Library fundraiser so close to Valentine’s Day. Please show your love for the Ridley High School Library, and thank you for making a difference for the future of our students!


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