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The next time you print, Print Friendly!

Have you ever tried to print out an article for class, and then realized that instead of printing the 1 or 2 page article, you have actually sent 10+ pages to the printer (most of them full of comments, ads, and borders that you don’t even need)? Did you notice that this causes Ms. Pickett great angst and gnashing of teeth? Well, there is a solution for what ails us! PrintFriendly is a web site that exists just to format web sites for printing. You simply copy and paste your URL at, and watch as it creates a printer-friendly version of the site! You can even remove images and sections of text so you only print what you really need. Check out this quick video tutorial on what PrintFriendly is, and how to use it:

So be kind to the library printer … be kind to the planet … and print friendly!


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