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Alexander Gordon Smith!

On Friday, March 16, Ridley High School students were treated to an author visit with Alexander Gordon Smith. Mr. Smith, who goes by “Gordon,” is the author of the Furnace series, which includes the following titles:

  • Lockdown (2009)
  • Solitary (2010)
  • Death Sentence (2011)
  • Fugitives (2012)
  • Execution (coming in 2012!)

About 120 students filled the Board Room and enjoyed a hilarious, engaging, one-hour presentation. Gordon shared stories about writing his first book when he was six years old (it was a picture book about monsters), making his writing realistic by putting himself in the situations that his characters experience, and trying to scare his younger brother with the prop pictured here:

Gordon’s message to students about going after their goals, whatever those goals might be, was a highlight of this memorable event. Many thanks to Children’s Book World in Haverford, Pennsylvania, for making this event possible!

And please stop by the library between now and Friday because we have the entire Furnace series available for sale at a 20% discount! I recommend starting at the very beginning:


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