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The Book of the Week is Back!

Actually, the Book of the Week is Delirium by Lauren Oliver. This is great news for everyone who loved her debut novel, Before I Fall. And this brand new book is every bit as good as her first one!

DeliriumIn Delirium, it’s been sixty-four years since the government identified L-O-V-E as a disease. It’s been forty-three years since the scientists perfected a cure for love, or “amor deliria nervosa.” Everyone undergoes this procedure on their eighteenth birthday. Now Lena is just ninety-five days away from going through with the procedure. She looks forward to it because she knows that the cure will make her happy and safe forever. Then something changes. Lena meets someone special, and she becomes infected with amor deliria nervosa. Suddenly ninety-five days doesn’t seem like enough time. Will she go through with the procedure? Can she live in a world without love once it’s over? This epic romance is perfect Valentine’s Day reading. Stop by the library to get a copy today!


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