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Your Requests Make a Difference!

Every request from a student or teacher makes a difference! I try to get them in the library as soon as possible. This year there have been a lot of requests for Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars series. Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series (the premise for the popular TV show Dexter) also has a lot of fans, and they’ve been asking for the books to be added to the library. So I’m happy to let you know that both of these series are now here! There are eight titles in the Pretty Little Liars series, including Wanted, which was just published in 2010. If you’re a Dexter fan, we’ve got ’em all, including the 2010 installment in the series, Dexter is Delicious. Pretty Little Liars even has a brand new tie-in cover for the new TV series based on the books:  Pretty Little LiarsDon’t forget about all the other great series that are available in the library. Click here for a list of the most popular series, including which book came first and which one to read next!


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