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Check out the Audiobook section!

Thanks to a $1000 grant from the Ridley Education Foundation, the library just added FORTY MP3-CDs to our new audiobook section.AudiobooksMP3-CDs are full-length audiobooks on just one MP3-CD disc. They can be played on any CD player with MP3-CD compatibility, or they can be transferred to iTunes or Windows Media Player. After one easy upload, the audiobook is ready for listening! These MP3-CDs join a collection of Playaways and traditional books-on-CD in the new Audiobook section. The audiobooks are located right next to the graphic novels in the library. We have so many fabulous audiobooks to choose from that it may be hard to decide on one to listen to. Think about trying:

  • Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi
    In a futuristic Gulf Coast shanty town, teenaged Nailer makes a living scavenging copper from grounded oil tankers. When he finds a beached clipper ship with a girl hiding in the wreckage, he must decide if he should scavenge the ship for its riches or rescue the girl.
  • Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
    When Brooklyn teen Andi acts out in grief over her younger brother’s death, she is forced to spend winter break with her estranged father in France. While in Paris, she becomes obsessed with a centuries-old journal that belonged to Alexandrine, an aspiring Parisian actress who had a fateful encounter with a doomed French prince.
  • Virals by Kathy Reichs
    Tory Brennan is the leader of a band of teenage ‘sci-philes’ who live on an island off the coast of South Carolina. When the group rescues a dog caged for medical testing, they are exposed to an experimental strain of canine parvovirus that changes their lives forever.
  • Alien Invasion & Other Inconveniences by Brian Yansky
    When a race of aliens quickly takes over the earth, leaving most people dead, high-schooler Jesse finds himself a slave to an inept alien leader–a situation that brightens as Jesse develops telepathic powers and attracts the attention of two beautiful girls.

All of these audiobooks (and more) are available in the audiobook section. Stop by the library today to check one out!


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